Scientific expedition to Jorge Montt Glacier - Southern Patagonian Icefield

Feb 13

Dispatch #7

Published at 13:37
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Hi, after our last dispatch we drove back to Cochrane in perfect weather,
allowing us to see many beautiful mountains that use to be hidden by a thick
cover of clouds, we had a wonderful view of the Northern Patagonian Icefield
and others in the surroundings, like Cerro Barrancos, a huge, nice and sharp
mountain lost in between the Icefields and Mount San Lorenzo.

Yesterday we return to Coyhaique, but in the way we went to visit a new road
being built by the northern edge of the Northern Patagonian Icefield, on the
Exploradores river valley. It was a surprise to find there such a beautiful
landscapes even in a cloudy and rainy day like yesterday, there were
vertical rock walls and waterfalls everywhere, together with a tick forest
that grows in every single possible spot at the valley or in the cracks up
in the cliffs.
The road reach Exploradores and Grosse Glaciers, in the fist one we climb a
steep moraine, where we had a excellent view of Exploradores Glacier between
the clouds and the fog.

Last night we had diner at La Bomba in Coyhaique with JC, the owner of
"Waters of Patagonia" the company that kindly offer theirs two vessels
"Huemules" and "Sea Bear" to support our research.

Today we will fly back to Puerto Montt at 17:50 h, and then every one will
take his own way to home.

Here some photos from this last days, soon a wider selection of photos of
the whole trip.
  • Name: Coyhaique
  • Elevation: 297 m
  • Latitude: 45° 3425South
  • Longitude: 72° 319West


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