Scientific expedition to Jorge Montt Glacier - Southern Patagonian Icefield

Feb 15

Dispatch #8

Published at 02:27
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With everybody back home, we can say the expedition was successful and we
gather lots of data. A detailed bathymetry of the fiord was built and at
leas three submarine moraines were identified, seismic profiles were
collected in the fiord and the fine structure of the sediments deposited by
the glacier will be studied in detail. Also sediments cores from few lakes
were extracted in order to reconstruct past climate of the area. Many CTD
profiles were done to study the tridimensional structure of the currents and
waters of the fiord, were temperature, salinity and turbidity was measured
at each profile.
Many water samples were taken, also geodetic GPS measurements were done to
measure isostatic rebound due to recession of the ice after the last

We hope in the next months, to start understanding better the big recession
that affects Jorge Mont Glacier in the last 50 years and how it is related
to climate changes, topographic controls and the role of the sea water in
the calving rate and ablation at the front.

Best regards to all and thanks for following us and the messages sent.

Here some photos of this amazing field work.
  • Name: Valdivia
  • Elevation: 10 m
  • Latitude: 39° 4851South
  • Longitude: 73° 1453West


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