Expedición Monte Tyree - Antartica

Nov 22

Dispatch #2

Published at 13:31
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Hi all,

We're still waiting in Punta Arenas, Chile, all ready to fly to the ice for
another season on Antarctica's high mountains.

Camilo Rada, Pachi Ibarra and Jarmila Tyrril and I are attempting Mt Tyree
and Mt Epperly. These peaks are currently the 2nd and 10th highest mountains
in Antarctica, probably the most difficult, and the only high Sentinels that
our Omega-supported expeditions have not climbed.

We'll probably do some other climbs but those are our main objectives.
Re-measuring those will bring to a close six years of expeditions and
mapping that resulted in the new Vinson Massif & Sentinel Range map that
many of you have seen.

If you're receiving this then you will receive any dispatches of text and
images that we send out from the ice.

As usual you can also follow us and everyone else down South this year on

However this year you can also see us on Camilo's new website www.expenews.org

A brief history of our past expeditions and some other information and updates can be seen on my personal site www.antarcticmountains.com

You can write to us to this or any of the dispatches - just please make sure you don't send any attachments of any kind.

Thanks for coming with us once again.

Best Wishes,
Damien, Camilo, Pachi & Jarmila
  • Name: Punta Arenas
  • Elevation: 20 m
  • Latitude: 53° 93South
  • Longitude: 70° 5332West


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