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Nov 30

Dispatch #6

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Hi all,

Got the early call on the 27th, packed, flew and were on the ice at Patriot Hills by 4pm. Spent our first night on the ice there, Camilo spending much of it with his kite. Good to see several of the the usual faces - more than a couple said only half-joking "welcome home!". It's all pretty weird for me, that such an amazingly unique, remote and spectacular place could feel so familiar, almost normal. Back home is temporary.

Around lunch time on the 28th we flew briefly to Vinson BC then on to our own BC, actually the 'old' Vinson BC that was used up to around 1993. We're right under the west faces of Shinn, Epperly, Pk 4360 and

Yesterday Jarmila and I had a leisurely climb up the nearby 'Pyramid Peak' - actually the high-point of Schatz Ridge - and set the GPS running. Camilo and Pachi followed a few hours later via a traverse of the whole ridge.

Today Jarmila and I did a 2hr ski around to the basin under the west face of Tyree to recce our potential route. Things look OK, but the face is HUGE!
Need to work up the fitness a bit for that one (2300m vertical).

In the next day or so we'll move camp a bit closer to the southern side of
Mt Epperly and do a few little climbs to get some acclimatisation and into the groove. So far the weather has been great, clear and sunny, almost no cloud or wind, but a bit chilly. All is well.

Attached two pics:
1.Pachi, Jarmila and Camilo at Vinson BC
2. Jarmila on our recce today, underneath the western faces of Peak 4360 and

  • Name: CB
  • Elevation: 2242 m
  • Latitude: 78° 2743South
  • Longitude: 87° 221West


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